From plastic bottles to water without waste: do it the right way!


Water without Waste (WwW) proudly recognizes a fast growing interest in water treatment solutions for yachts since its Survey ‘Turn the tide on plastic, also on superyachts’ about plastic bottled water consumption within our industry. Relevant press published diverse articles and lively discussions on online platforms show different opinions and experiences.

It is in our utmost interest to provide captains, crew and owners with information and to create awareness on technologies which can be trusted and which treatment solutions are of limited or no value for the yachting industry, respectively are riding the market opportunity.

To explain it in simple wordings: yachts, taking raw water from different sources and thus of different quality, and storing it in tanks and pipes (of different materials and condition) where the water is sitting at for bacterial growth favorable temperatures, have different filtration/purification needs than a house/office with potable water from a running tap.

Only complete, reliable and measurable solutions can create the necessary trust to turn the tide on plastic. Any technology that is not 100 % trustworty or a half solution, will lead back to plastic bottled water and that is undoubtedly our worst scenario.

Therefore it is important to identify the commonly found pollutants and to understand the difference between potable water and drinking water.

Any inline cartridge filtration (downstream the watertanks) coming in a range from micron to ultra filtration, activated carbon and magic filters are sufficient to enjoy transparent, odor and taste less fresh water under your shower. However, to have truly healthy and tasty drinking water, treatment solutions downstream the watertanks below Nano membrane technology are not recommended since they don’t take care of carcinogenic DBPs (disinfection byproducts for example after chlorination of water in the tanks), pharmaceutical residues, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and micro plastics.

In other words and as an easy check of your actual system or your foreseen system, filtration/purification methods downstream the watertanks that discharge water, function on the level of membrane technology and are either nano (the most sustainable since the discharge of water is the least possible) or low RO (with a higher discharge of water). If there is no discharge of water, the level of filtration/purification is less and doesn’t exceed the level of ultra filtration.

Solutions that match the above recommendation can also come with monitoring equipment to guarantee best water quality and indicate maintenance requirements. Raw water qualities are changing with every tank filling and therefore make producers replacement recommendations of limited value.

Additional hardware such as cooler/carbonator devices and capacity to provide required volumes as well as easy to clean, attractive reusable bottles complete the convenience, another cornerstone to turn the tide on plastic and to fit superyacht standards.

Please continue the road to plastic bottle free superyachting and provide water without waste, but do it the right way

For an assessment on your yacht or a proposal to get healthy and sustainable drinking water on board, feel free to get in touch.


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