Reusable bottles

For yachts we offer customized and personalized  reusable bottles for crew and guests. A most appreciated give away and memory for your charter guests and race crew.

Besides the attractive looks of a reusable bottle, an important aspect is that it is made of sustainable (for example stainless steel and non-toxic (BPA- or Bisphenol A free) material and that it is easy to clean, carry and nice to drink from and if preferred is insulated to keep the water cool.

Some of our bottles can be opened half way to be easily filled with icecubes and cleaned and provide even a cup to drink from. The bottle combined with a sportscap and/or a clip to attach to your short will in particular suit (race) crew. These bottles and accesories can be ordered and personalized/customized by completing the form below.



For a stylish and ecofriendly way of presenting/serving the water, for example during lunch/dinner on your yacht, you can choose bottles made of (recycled) glass with or without a screwcap which you can fill with fresh sparkling or flat water from your tap or dispenser. The bottles can be cleaned in the dishwasher.