Marja Kok

Water without waste is an initiative of Marja Kok, born and raised in the Netherlands.

Water and yachting have always been an important part of Marja’s life. Sailing from childhood on, she (and her partner at that time) completed in her mid-twenties a wooden seaworthy boat building project. After a 13 years career in marketing and management of several author’s rights societies, she decided to follow her dream to go sailing for ‘a while’. This while turned out to become a nautical career developing from charterskipper via entrepeneur in sailingholidays to captain of superyachts.

In these 17 years of sailing around Med, Caraiben and the Americas her natural concern for nature, environment and sustainability became stronger. Not spilling any drinking water, electricity or food and trying to produce as less garbage as possible, became a natural habit living on a boat often in remote, pristine areas with few garbage disposal areas and no recycling facilities. Life on a boat can be a circular economy on its own and is a great lesson for life.

The constant newsfeeds about plastic pollution in the oceans and her own experience on superyachts made her willing to make a difference in the awareness and behaviour of the nautical industry. After her latest job as captain of a 32 m sailing yacht, she has put her energy in the attempt to reduce the usage of plastic water bottles on superyachts via a survey, publications and seminars. Marja has a strong belief that, although sustainability is not yet on top of the topiclist of superyachts, it will become more and more important. In her opinion the high end nautical technical knowledge & financial health in superyachting are perfect ingredients for a responsible, example giving, change making industry and should also be considered as a high potential marketingtool.

Andreas Buhl

During Marja’s research on sustainable and complete drinking water solutions as alternative for plastic bottled water, she crossed paths with Andreas Buhl, at that time general manager of a Dutch water purification company, part of a Dutch industrial group that Andreas teamed up with in 2013 to develop and distribute trustworthy and sustainable purification solutions on a global scale.  Andreas has a focus on identifying pollutants within any available water source from boreholes to fancy bottle brands and to develop technical solutions for every situation. To his opinion potable water nor plastic bottled water can be considered a truly healthy drinking water source.

Before his focus on drinking water Andreas spent years on bluewater as captain on sailing superyachts. Extensive cruising off the beaten tracks in far remote areas gave him a first hand insight on where plastic ends up, luxury charters and racing on super yachts depicted the tremendous consumptions of bottled water.

Andreas was born and raised in Salzburg, Austria. His technical education started by a dual apprenticeship in plumbing and technical drafting, after that he studied Geography and Journalism at the University of Vienna before he set out to sea. The last four years consisted of education and concentration on drinking water and purification while based in the Netherlands.

Marja & Andreas teamed up as ecopreneurs in Water without waste and are determined to make yachting and domestic life more sustainable & healthy by offering complete equipment to have best drinkingwater.

Please get in touch for a free assessment of your actual drinkingwater and equipment and receive an advice for a sustainable and healthy complete solution. There is no planet B…

Water without waste  (WwW) – Solutions B.V.

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