Water without waste is an initiative of Marja Kok, who has had a varied career in yachting of which the last 10 years running superyachts after being 7 years a live-aboard together with her partner and being organizer of sailing charters from their own company and for others.  The constant newsfeeds about plastic pollution in the oceans and her own experience on yachts made her willing to make a difference in the awareness and behaviour of the nautical industry. After her latest job as captain of a 32 m sailing yacht, she decided to put her energy in the attempt to reduce the usage of plastic water bottles on superyachts without doing concessions to the required quality of drinking water on board.

She set up a survey named ‘Turn the tide on plastic, also on superyachts’ to get more information about the number of plastic waterbottles used, drinking habits, waterfiltering equipment, awareness about environment on board of superyachts and their willingness to reduce the usage of plastic waterbottles. The results of this survey can be found on page Why no plastic? of this website.

Water and yachting have always been an important part of Marja’s life. Sailing from childhood on, she completed in her mid-twenties a wooden seaworthy boat building project together with her partner at that time. After a career in managing author’s rights societies, she became in the year 2000 a charterskipper in the Mediterrenean and Caribbean sea, followed by a life as live-aboard on her own 44 ft sailingyacht together with her partner. They sailed around the Mediterreanean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and along the coast of Central America. In this period her natural concern for nature, environment and sustainability became stronger. Not spilling any drinking water, electricity or food and trying to produce as less garbage as possible, became a natural habit living on a boat often in remote, pristine areas with few garbage disposal areas. Life on a small boat can be a circular economy on its own and is a great lesson for life.