Perfect filtered water is one thing, stylish serving in the desired ‘format’ (still, sparkling), on the right temperature (cold or at room temperature) is another.

A separate 3 functional drinking water tap for cooled, ambient temperature or sparkling water completes  the system.

A tap with at one side unfiltered water and at the other side filtered water (no cooling, no sodastream).


For yachts that prefer so, there is a possibility to install a stylish designed dispenser, as table model on the galley worktop or if you prefer and have the space, a standing model. There are options for an extra bacterial control by UV purification or a special anti bacterial coating on the outside of the dispenser. To receive a for your yacht and situation specific proposal and quotation, please get in touch via the contactform below or if you haven’t completed the survey yet please do so first Survey Turn the tide on plastic to be able to advice you correctly.