Every year 800 million tons of  Plastic end up in our oceans. One million plastic bottles are bought every minute around the world. Further to the visible plastic pollution, alarming quantities of micro plastics enter ito our environment on a daily base. Whereas the visible plastics take hundreds of years to break down to micro plastics that enter the food chain, some other plastics are by design micro size (like in cleaning products) respectively enter the environment already in this size (laundry dryers, rubber dust from tires).

Our modern society is responsible for creating the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also called plastic soup, floating trash islands and plastic covered beaches. Fish, turtles, birds and whales get killed or poisoned after feeding themselves with plastic. It is estimated that if human beings don’t change their way of life, in 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans and 12 billion tons of plastic ending up in landfills. Although these numbers will sound abstract, it is clear that the clock is ticking. Not only for nature, also for human beings. Micro plastic particles have been found already in plastic bottled water and take slowly but steady their position in our ecosystem including the human body.

Hopefully many people already consciously dispatch their garbage. However, with all our good intentions, unfortunately only 9 % of plastic is recycled, all the different kinds of plastics don’t make recycling an easy process. The majority of the plastics end up at landfills or end up in our natural earth and sea environment, via the foodchain entering our human bodies as well. Needless to say after seeing the Youtube video’s, it is a common interest to turn the tide on plastic. Knowing that every minute a ridiculous quantity of 100 million of plastic bottles are bought around the world, implementation of waterfiltration and purication equipment can bring a substantial reduction on plastic waste at the source.

From the survey ‘Turn the tide on plastic, also on superyachts’, we got information about quantities and reasons of drinking plastic bottled water in superyachting: Survey
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