Water without waste offers complete solutions to provide healthy and tasty drinking water in the most sustainable way.

Every year 800 million tons of  Plastic end up in our oceans. One million plastic bottles are bought every minute around the world. Further to the visible plastic pollution, alarming quantities of micro plastics enter ito our environment on a daily base. Whereas the visible plastics take hundreds of years to break down to micro plastics that enter the food chain, some other plastics are by design micro size (like in cleaning products) respectively enter the environment already in this size (laundry dryers, rubber dust from tires).

The awareness on plastic pollution is gladly on the rise, slowly leading to a change of behaviour in reducing single use plastics. Water without waste focusses on reducing the use of plastic bottled water with a dual purpose:

1. Reducing plastic waste to turn the tide on plastic and

2. Improving drinking water quality.

Re the last subject: besides the microplastics found in plastic bottled water, there is a lack of information on commonly found contamination in tap water. Nitrates, pesticides, bacteria etc. are regulated by national and international guidelines, contaminants like pharmaceutical residues and disinfection byproducts (chemical reaction of chlorine) are present in drinking water yet not being regulated. More info on drinking water.

Two clear reasons to choose for water without waste, whether it is on your yacht or in your house.

More information on plastic pollution, filtration and purification and Solutions can be found here.

Yachts that follow the recommendations to get water without waste on board can become part of the ‘Wall of care