Water without Waste offers complete solutions to provide healthy and tasty drinking water in the most sustainable way.

Water without Waste focus on reducing the use of plastic bottled water with a dual purpose:

1. Reducing plastic waste; and

2. Improving drinking water  quality into a healthy source of hydration.

More information on plastic pollution, filtration and purification and Solutions can be found here.

Yachts that succesful made the transition from plastic bottled water to water without waste are or can become part of the ‘Wall of care

Reactions from our clients:

The WwW system has been a big success and used on a daily base by crew and guests.
Hanns, captain SY Valentine
Thanks for fitting the water system so quick! It’s great. Marc, captain MY December Six

The installation worked out fine today!! Great team. Thank you for making it happen on the 1st working day this week. Stefan, house owner

I am happily enjoying water without waste and wanted to let you know that everything works well. Thank you for the effort of trying to make a difference for the world, as well as business. Happy doing a small part from our side. Erol, captain SY Ilios

We have been enjoying excellent sparkling, chilled drinking water on board Shimmer for a month now, thanks to your system, so thank you. Adrian, owner MY Shimmer.                                                                       

 Unit is great, working fine! Thank you so much! Thanks againChristian, engineer SY Red Dragon

We have the WwW Purifier on Stay Calm. We love the machine and it’s saved so many bottles of water.  Lloyd, captain SY Stay Calm

Great product with good service at a fair price. Helps the environment and keeps my crew healthy and happy. Whats not to like. Christian, captain SY Mari-Cha III

We are very happy with the system! Nick, engineer Pink Gin VI

We are really happy with the machinePepo, engineer SY Seawave

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