Water without waste recommends yachts how to get quality drinking water on board without leaving (plastic) waste. No matter whether the yacht is leisure, sail, motor, super, mega or commercial, all yachts can have drinking water without waste on board, safe and tastful and if necessary, according to their class certification.

Please follow the recommendations on this website and let your yacht become part of the wall of care below, showing yachts with a different background and purpose but with one thing in common, its owners, captains and crew care for our oceans and have banned plastic bottled water on board.

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The wall of care shows yachts that actually banned plastic water bottles and provide filtered drinkingwater.

Is your yacht ready to be part of the wall of care? Please complete the survey ‘Turn the tide on plastic’ to define your actual status and to have your starting point clear to surf through the steps in this website to get water without waste on board of your yacht.