The quality of domestic tap water is very much depending on the country or location one is living. While most countries have mains water that is considered or qualified by the authorities as ‘potable water’, the taste and quality differs substantially. Southern European countries tend to use substantial quantities of chlorine to disinfect water and to kill bacterias while Northern European countries use different technologies providing a better taste and less disinfectional (by)products. Also the quality of piping in countries is different depending on building standards but also on the type of bottom the piping passes. Other than piping in soft sandy bottoms, piping in mountaineous  or stony earth can be damaged allowing foreign bodies entering the water.

Mains water with substantial chlorine is often not considered as good tasting drinking water, hence people buy costly plastic bottles of drinking water leaving the planet insane quantities of plastic waste.

A healthier, more sustainable and convenient whilst cost saving choice is to purify the drinking water at the point-of-use. Water without Waste offers these purifying systems (filtration and purification on the highest level to remove bacteria, viruses, antibiotics, metals, micro plastics, disinfection byproducts and adding minerals to guarantee superior drinkingwater). Complete with an elegant stainless steel drinking water faucet and installation materials for a do-it-yourself add-on to your kitchen equipment.

According to preferences,  chilling/sparkling equipment can be added to enjoy besides purified drinking water the convenience of chilled and chilled sparkling drinking water coming from a 3-way tap or from a countertop dispenser.

For more info or a proposal for your house, kindly complete the contactform including information on your preferences and your domestic situation (location, mains water/well water).

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