Our survey ‘Turn the tide on plastic’, aims to collect information about quantities and reasons of drinking plastic bottled water on board of yachts.
Some highlights from the results for superyachts (click on the graphics):
55 % of the crew on superyachts mainly drink plastic bottled water
– 79 % of the owners/guests of superyachts mainly drink plastic bottled water
– All of the responding superyachts have a kind of waterfiltering equipment on board (for cleaning purposes or to make salt water fresh), while only 48 % of the yachts have waterfiltering equipment on board dedicated to drinking water, which however for several reasons is not considered or experienced as healthy or tasty drinking water
– Extrapolation of the survey results to the complete superyachtindustry leads to an equivalent of about 40 million liters of plastic bottle waste!
– There are several reasons why plastic bottled water is preferred above filtrated water varying from taste to the presumption that it is healthier or better to practical reasons like chilling and having sparkling water.
 A very promising result: 96 % of the respondents want to change their actual habits of drinking bottled water if there would be good alternatives/solutions.
– About 0,5 % of the respondents answered that on their yachts only filtrated water is drank on board, they banned the plastic bottled water completely.

MAKE A CHANGE and participate in the Survey Turn the tide on plastic (only 3 minutes of your time) and define the actual status on your yacht.



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