The yachting industry has always been an accelerator for cutting edge technology. Contrary to domestic circumstances where raw water quality is of a more or less consistent quality, extra care has to be taken when the source is a tank. Reverse Osmosis treated seawater (coming from a watermaker) as one source, commonly found on medium sized and large yachts is of superior quality than potable water, yet a variety of minerals, essential to a healthy ph level (alkaline, above 7 ph) and pleasant taste is lost in the process.

Once in the tank, the water is subject to further possible contamination. Temperatures around 25°C provide ideal conditions for divers pathogens (bacteria, viruses, cysts). Further older tanks potentially leak heavy metals into the water, either from non food-grade coatings or its raw material itself.

The water quality provided from mains (tap) connections in port strongly depend on the yachts’ cruising area. Although the mains water will comply in most countries with national potable quality standards it must not be considered safe, healthy and tasty. Besides questionable levels of organic and inorganic matter these sources contain pharmaceutical residues, micro plastics and disinfection by products, causing serious long term heath risks.

Correct treatment:

It is crucial for a longterm trustworthy complete solution providing the correct quality with reasonable maintenance efforts and minimal costs on consumables, to have water purification solutions downstream the watertanks as close as possible to the drinking water outlet(s) and to have the following treatment stages, pre-filtration, purification and postfiltration/remineralizing, that are in deep explained further on this page Filtration/purification levels and stages

The WwW Compact Power product range consists of high quality equipment (filtration and purification on the highest level to remove all bacteria, viruses, antibiotics, pesticides, metals, micro plastics, disinfection by products and adding minerals to guarantee superior alkaline/mineralized drinking water) and provides healthy drinking water by direct flow (no storage/expansion tanks).

We deliver all systems with an external prefilter, a remineralization/alkaline cartridge and a drinking water faucet (tap or dispenser as can be seen further on this page) and plumbing materials. Installation can be done by our installation partner Jongkind Service Palma or the yachts’ engineer.

  1. Compact Power HdO 130 liter/hour (2 liter/minute)


  • Sizes: 445 x 430 mm and 105 mm high
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Anti-flooding sensor, very restricted maintenance, automatic flushes, prefiltration and remineralization, prefilter replacement notification.
  • Electrical power supply 220VAC-50Hz
  • Maximum power consumption 120 W
  • Weight 6,5 kg
  • Output (direct flow) 130 liter (3 membranes)

2. Compact Power P XS for purified drinking water up to 130 l/hr or 165 l /hr from a slim stainless steel unit

The Compact Power XS P stainless steel (304) unit, focus besides on best quality drinking water on high flow. The restricted sizes make it the most compact and powerful unit.

  • Installation either vertical or horizontal
  • Anti-flooding sensor, automatic flushes, pre filtration, remineralization, prefilter replacement notification.
  • Electrical power supply 220VAC-50Hz
  • Output (direct flow) 130 liter/hr (3 membranes) or 135-165 liter/hr (4 membranes)
  • Sizes: 130 liter/hr flow 435 x 378 mm and 95 mm high (inside the machine is the same as the Compact Power HdO 130 l under 1.)
  • Sizes: 135-165 liter/hr flow 550 x 445 mm x 130 mm high (as pictured above)
  • Weight: XS 130 liter 8,5 kg
  • Weight: XS 135-165 liter 20 kg

All Compact Power purifiers can be combined with a chiller/carbonator unit for optimal convenience of having purified chilled and purified chilled sparkling drinking water on tap (capacity up to 25 l/hr chilled and chilled/sparkling purified water). Alternatively a counter top dispenser (chilling/sparkling inside) provide a stylish distribution of purified ambient, chilled and chilled sparkling drinking water in galley or bar/guest area.

Chilling/sparkling unit (under counter) + 3 way tap

  • chiller/carbonator: 310 x 180 x 430 mm high, to be installed with 10 cm space on the sides in a ventilated area
  • Measurements 3 way tap: 330 mm high x 240 mm depth x 40 mm width
  • External: rechargeable CO2 bottle of 2 kg (300-400 liters depending on fizzyness), measurements 47 cm x 12 cm (horizontal/vertical)
  • External: prefilter 35,5 cm x 9 cm (horizontal/vertical)
  • External: remineralization/alkaline cartridge 33 cm x 6 cm (vertical)

 Dispenser (counter top chilling/sparkling equipment inside), including UV led, no tap

  • Measurements dispenser (chilling/sparkling inside), 20 L: 440mm high x 190 mm length x 442 mm deep
  • Rechargeable CO2 bottle of 2 kg (300-400 liters depending on fizzyness), measurements 47 cm x 12 cm (horizontal/vertical)
  • External: prefilter 35,5 cm x 9 cm (horizontal/vertical)

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