The Superyacht Cup Palma: who is competing with whom?

From 20-23 June, 18 of the most beautiful sailing superyachts raced against each other in the bay of Palma in great circumstances. Instead of, like in the past, sailing on one of these beauties, I have chosen this time not to compete with my fellow sailors but to fight against the biggest monster threatening our oceans, called ‘plastic’.

The Superyacht Cup joined the Clean Regatta program of ‘Sailors for the sea’, in fact world’s only sustainability certification for water-based events. By this the SYC made a commitment to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible. Main target was to have the yachts sail plastic bottle free. For this a shore filtered drinking water refill station was available as well as free reusable bottles sponsored by Southern Spars were provided.

Imagine how many small plastic bottles of water become disposed at regattas! It is difficult to understand why still so many of these technically advanced yachts need a shore refill water station to have healthy, tasty and environmental friendly drinking water on board. Has it been a blind spot in the building or running process of yachts to forget to install filtration/purification/cooling equipment of drinkwater? Or has plastic developed so quickly from a useful product to an (ocean)life threatening monster of which the nautical industry slowly becomes aware of?

Although not all yachts complied (completely) to the request to sail plastic bottle free, there absolutely could be noticed a huge reduction of single use plastic used during and after the races and an increased awareness about this subject.







Water without waste (WWW) was present:

1. to help to create awareness and willingness among the yachties to comply to the Clean Regatta program and to practically assist at the SYC water refill station and distributing the reusable bottles:

2. to encourage yachts to go for a permanent nautical drinkwater filtration/purification/distribution solution on their yachts to sail plastic bottle free all year round. No provisioning, storing, cooling and garbage disposal of huge amounts of bottles anymore which is not of these times. It was promising to see that quite some captains showed their interest and will join (the Action plan of) WWW to come to water without waste on their yachts.

Every small step makes a big difference. May many yachts and regattas follow in our wake!


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