Water without Waste at The Superyachtcup Palma

In June 2019 Water without Waste was present at the Superyachtcup Palma. At the WwW water refill station captains, owners and crew could see and taste the quality of purified drinking water (even chilled and/or sparkling) from our drinking water purifying equipment.

Compared to last year we could notice a substantial growth of the number of participants sailing plastic bottle free. All race crew received a stainless steel refill drinking bottle to race plastic bottle free.

Besides helping to have this regatta plastic bottle free, our aim was to show yachts that don’t have their own drinking water purification on board yet, how compact, easy and healthy solutions on board can look like. There is simply no reason anymore to have plastic bottled water on board.

Let’s hope that next year the only yacht with a pile of plastic bottles behind it, will also make a change! Not just for our oceans and planet, but also for the health of the race crew. Who wants to hydrate his race crew with plastic bottled water heated up by the sun, containing Bisphenol A and microplastics?

Let’s make superyachting truly super (quote of the Water Revolution Foundation)!

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