Proud of this beauty of a beast!



Picture: Breed Media

Being the 133st superyacht recently completing the survey ‘Turn the tide on plastic, also on superyachts’, this beauty of a beast deserves a position on the Wall of care since it completely banned plastic bottled water. Thanks to environmental conscious crew that used its influence at the capable shipyard during the building process to get equipment installed to be deliberated from buying, storing, cooling and above all from leaving the environment around 8.500 plastic bottles (based on a liter quantity) in a year.

Even by consciously separating garbage, only 10 % of plastic garbage is recyled, the majority of the other 90 % ends up at landfills or gets flushed into rivers and seas and end up as small plastic particles in the oceans harming marine life and entering human bodies.

Since not all yachts have the ‘luxury’ of having a complete concept of drinkwater filtering equipment installed during the building, they have to find solutions afterwards to become more environmental friendly and to reduce the plastic footprint. Water without waste developed a straight forward, but customized Action plan to give recommendations how to deliberate your yacht from plastic bottled water.

#To turn the tide on plastic on yachts, start @ the yard

#Drinking water filtering equipment should be a standard environmental requirement during yachtbuilding

#Be the difference that you want to see in the world

#Small changes make a big difference


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