Charters and plastic bottles

Charterguests can be specific in their wishes, and this will include their drinkingwater. As a habitual behaviour, they might expect or ask for bottled water, possibly even of a certain brand. However, in our nowadays world it might be appreciated that a charteryacht shows its concern for environment and its commitment to do its share by providing sustainable drinking water, tasty, safe and healthy and of course on the preferred temperature, flat or sparkling. Maybe it takes a bit of time or communication to create a certain mindset, but sooner or later, also charterguests will understand and probably appreciate the environmental policy of their charteryacht. The ultimate future perspective is that charterguests will prefer an environmental friendly working charter yacht above a yacht that shows less care for our oceans.

MCA guidelines about provisioning fresh water and maintanance/service of fresh water systems on board are clear. Charterguests can have complete faith in filtered drinking tapwater on board which is not that obvious for bottled water, according to the latest report of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO published recently about scientific research showing evidence of plastic particles in bottled water of all different brands, which can be another reason to not encourage drinking bottled water.





The Charter Yacht Brokers Association International (CYBA) has made a clear statement, which captains and crew can refer to.